New membership

I posted a message on Facebook to try to encourage people to sign up as members of the CLT. I got this reply from Aimee Louise Cherry-Williams. With her permission, I have copied it across as I’m trying to get all discussions onto this site so that non-Facebook people can see them.

IT will not be affordable therefore it should be renamed… Housing to make a huge profit with no real care for anybody at all other than the developer!!
On another note we have a big enough problem with getting the children of Marshfield into both pre school and the school as it is without introducing a load more!!
Hayfield for example… Build as ‘affordable’ housing…. The prices are extortionate and you don’t get much for your money!!!”

Reply: Yes, housing in Marshfield is expensive. And yes, “affordable” is a relative word. And yes, we have to make sure that the balance between the interests of the community and those of a developer is a fair one. And yes, if we end up increasing the school age population in Marshfield, the schools will have to plan to cope. Nobody expects it to be a doddle. But, getting back to the original reason for my FB message, we need people with a clear view of the problems to help us come up with the solutions. Become a CLT member. 🙂