What is the MCLT Energy Working Group?

The aim of the MCLT Energy working group is to seek opportunities to reduce costs and improve resilience of supply for the benefit of the Marshfield community by  exploring the potential of new and emerging sustainable technologies for energy generation and storage . The group will also be exploring delivery models used by other community activities in the UK for implementing energy projects. It will aim to raise the awareness of our community to the issues of energy demand and demand reduction, help improve effective and efficient use of energy in community buildings, and help ensure that MCLT houses are energy efficient. 

The EWG is able to draw on previous experience of local energy projects  with the continuity being provided by retired consulting engineer Tony Kerr, and the background to these projects can be found under the  HISTORY menu item.

Energy remains a challenge for households, communities, and the nation – in terms of cost, impact on the environment and reliability. Recent supply failures in the village, global warming, resilience, and the wider threat of cyber attack are real examples of the challenge for electricity supply. The MCLT EWG was formed to look into these issues and to provide Marshfield with helpful information on opportunities to deal with these. Particular issues around our local implications of planning constraints; the impact of electric cars (parking and recharging) in Marshfield; and new battery storage technologies linked to local solar and other renewable energy sources are to be explored. The full mission statement of the EWG is to be found here.

Community views will be sought as projects develop,  but anyone interested now can contact Tony at (tony.kerr@marshfieldclt.org) ; or Jim ( EWG Chair) at (jim.brookes@marshfieldclt.org or any other current member of the group – Colin Eden, Dan Smith, and Geoff Greenwood.

NEWS ITEM Oct 2022 – Village Energy Exhibition – Marshfield Community Centre  21/22 Oct – See the event poster (pdf)