What’s it all about?

This is the text of Christine Eden’s article in the summer 2016 issue of “All Around Marshfield” – with a few updates.

So what’s Marshfield CLT all about?

We’re still a relatively new development in Marshfield so, in case you’ve not caught up with us, our purpose is to acquire land and develop assets to be held in perpetuity for the benefit of the community. Our initial focus will be on providing affordable housing but later we could develop other projects that meet the needs of the village.

The founder members (and interim directors) of Marshfield Community Land Trust are: Christine Eden (chair), Oliver Shirley (vice chair), David Dodd (secretary), Simon Turner (treasurer), Ian Jones, Jim Brookes, Ian Dawes, Mike Krohn and Howard Finnegan.

Our task has been to get the CLT established as a democratic, not-for-profit mutual society – like a co-op. At the same time we have searched for a site for affordable homes. When we’ve identified a possible site, we will bring our proposals to a public meeting for consideration.

This is a new approach to local development – will it work? Other local CLTs have shown that when local people themselves decide on what they want and are in charge of making it happen then great things can be achieved.

Marshfield CLT has already gained significant backing. The Parish Council and South Glos Council are actively involved. Wessex CLT Project are providing hands-on help. Grants are available to cover surveys, architect’s fees, etc.. And the government has recently announced a £20 million annual support package for community housing schemes in the South West. Most importantly, there is a highly motivated group of local volunteers committed to working tirelessly for the future of Marshfield.