CLT membership passes 100

Since I posted this message a couple of weeks ago, membership has doubled! We are now (Aug 23rd) up to 100 members.

Update: we are now (Dec ’16) up to 150 members. Spectacular.

Our membership drive is storming along. The Wessex CLT Project people, our CLT mentors, told us to expect the membership to build up very slowly as awareness of the CLT and its activities increased. But we have got off to a very good start. There have been more than 50 applications for membership so far and we are hoping that the impetus will continue.

If you have not already done so, please consider becoming a CLT member. Remember, it is the members who, through the board of directors, run the CLT. So, by becoming a member, you will able to make sure that your views on affordable housing in Marshfield will be heard and you will be able to influence how we move forward on this.