History of Energy Projects in Marshfield

Marshfield Power Outages – 2018 to 2020

Following an increasing number of interruptions to the electricity supply to the village, the EWG established contact with the supplier WPD . Led by Tony Kerr with volunteer monitors for each substation and connecting lines, faults were identified and notified to WPD leading to a much improved service. More detail can be found on the Power Outages page in the archive.

OpenLV 2018

This project finished formally by the end of  2019 and the information from the project and its final report can now be accessed in the OpenLV section of this website.

2013 – RCEF

Rural Community Energy Fund grant for more detailed investigation into Wind PV and Anaerobic Digestion at all scales up to sufficient to make village self sufficient in electricity. 

A viable option was identified, but could not be implemented as set out in final report accessible here;  


2011 – LEAF

Local Energy Assessment Fund award from DECC for Investigation into energy performance of a range of village house types. 

A promotional video can be found here https://youtu.be/hGROxrTllC8.

Investigation into capacity of a council owned field to support a solar array. 

Results of house case studies can be seen at; 


DECC evaluation report of the national leaf programme;