Marshfield Community Land Trust

The Marshfield Community Land Trust (MCLT) is a not-for-profit organisation serving the Marshfield community. Our initial focus is on providing affordable housing in Marshfield for Marshfield people. That’s Marshfield in South Gloucestershire in the UK.

This website describes everything about us: what are our aims, how we work, who is involved. Take a look around. Let us know what you think by posting comments or emailing us. Better still, if you are a Marshfield resident, join in. Become a member of the Marshfield CLT.

This site is in two parts. Firstly, there is a bunch of background information about our CLT and CLTs in general. You can see what’s available in the menu at the top of each page. Secondly, there is a blog which we use to post news and opinion. This is categorised by subject area and you can see a list of categories on this page (where it is displayed depends on how you are viewing the site). Click on a category to see all the information relevant to that category.