Marshfield Community Energy Project

Following on from the OpenLV Project with WPD, which has provided us with data on the electricity consumption pattern for the village over the past couple of years, we are embarking on a new forward looking project using that data and recognising the level of interest shown by the village in reducing our impact on the environment. This interest was reinforced during the ‘Sustainability Day’ in the Community Centre on the 26th of October 2019 – when Tony Kerr and the ‘Energy’ table carried out an informal survey of visitors and produced this summary. 

The new project is entitled the ‘Marshfield Community Energy Project’ and its high level aim is :- “ Within the next five years to develop a means whereby locally generated and stored sustainable renewable energy can be used to contain the costs, to homes, businesses, and facilities within the village, of electricity supplied through the national grid – without degrading and with the aim of improving – the reliability of supply