News scraps

The holiday season is just about over and, though we haven’t published much recently, we have nevertheless been busy in the background ….

Village day

Thank you to all who joined us in our gazebo during the Village Day on 20th August. It’s surprising how many people (and dogs) you can get in one gazebo. We were pleased to be able to participate in this important village event and we signed up some new MCLT members. And, thanks to Howard Finnegan, we now have a MCLT banner which I’m sure will also come in useful in the future.


Membership continues to grow and we have now got well over 100 members. Maybe that means we have 100 different views of what we should do in the CLT but it does show the high level of interest and support that there is within the village. That’s a good feeling. David Dodd is personally handling each membership application and he has managed to meet and talk with most members.

We are planning a meeting of all members in early October. This will be the first members’ meeting and we hope to use it for members to get to know the MCLT board and vice versa, to review progress and plans and to hear comments and opinion from the members. More details about the meeting soon. Note that, though we do hold open meetings from time to time, this one is for MCLT members only.

If you are not yet a member and would like to join, please get in touch using the link in the menu at the top of this page

MCLT organisation

We are also currently working on the details of how the MCLT should be run – the “Standing Orders”. They will spell out the way in which the CLT will be managed, how the finances are controlled and reported, how board members are elected, and so on. There are a lot of details to think about in all this. Once again, we are relying on the experience of the Wessex CLT project to save us having to re-invent the wheel. In due course, I’ll publish details on the website.