Marshfield Power Outages

Contact with Western Power Distribution

Follow this link for a letter sent to our Energy Working Group (EWG) by Western Power Distribution (WPD) – our local supplier of electricity from the National Grid. After initial contact between Marshfield Parish Council and WPD on the topic of power failures, the Parish Council asked if we could take on the task of helping to identify the scale of our power outages across the village – as we already had links with WPD having been selected to be involved with their OpenLV project to monitor and display usage and performance figures.

After a couple of letters and phone calls on the subject of power failures we had a further response over the phone and the above has been summarised in this letter. Your EWG is continuing to monitor the situation and a number of volunteers (with connections to each of the four substations in the village) have already come forward to help us by recording their individual experiences of power failures. We hope this will assist WPD in improving the reliability of its service to us across the whole of Marshfield.

During 2019 , thanks to the inputs from the monitors and occasionally others in the village, Tony Kerr was able to continue  informed discussions by phone and email with WPD and a summary of the events and action s to date (May 2020) can be seen here. Thanks to the efforts of all involved and the detailed evidence base to support Tony in his discussions, the outcome of the actions taken has been very satisfactory for the village. As far as we are aware we have been free from the irritating local incidents that we were experience all too frequently, although there is  still the risk of the occasional major interruption on the regional power distribution service across the whole of the West. Our service is much improved since the matter was taken up with WPD by our Group in mid 2018.’