Jim Brookes

Jim Brookes    Jim Brookes

I grew up in a lovely council house in the Lancashire coal mining area 10 miles west of Manchester. My parents ensured I took my education seriously and I started working with computers over 50 years ago. In 1975 I moved to Marshfield with my late wife Pat and three young daughters.  We were immediately made to feel most welcome here, and when I later took other jobs in London and then Portsmouth we lived on in the same house here. Our 3 girls (and later 2 grandchildren) went to our local school and Pat (particularly) and I have been actively involved in village activities over the years – including helping the setting up of ‘All Around Marshfield’ and our new Community Centre. Although getting on a bit I still enjoy cycling, swimming, walking, sailing and travelling.

I joined in the setting up of the MCLT because I believe it could provide a means for everyone in Marshfield to become involved in generating and managing assets of benefit to our community, beginning with affordable homes available for rent.